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$ 1,000

Consultation and planning
1080p Resolution (HD)
Production OR post-production
Animated Photos
Up to 60 Second Video
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$ 2,500

Consultation and planning
4K Resolution (UHD)
Half-day or full-day of film production
Up to four 30-minute interviews
Professional interview lighting
1-3 Minute Video
Starting at

$ 4,000

Consultation and planning
4K Resolution (UHD)
1+ Days of film production
Five or more 30-minute interviews
Professional interview lighting
Animated graphics
3+ Minute Video

We have special pricing options for non profits and livestreaming, contact us to learn more.

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Whatever your budget is, Lasser Media ensures that your video receives a deep level of care.

This means that everything is arranged to show your story, fully captured on shooting day, and edited in a way to capture attention and change minds.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I work with Lasser Media?

Our focus at Lasser Media is matching empathy with expertise. Our agency is rooted in a journalistic approach to storytelling. That means that we focus on creating a product that is interesting, but also, one that tells a story that changes hearts and minds.

Why can’t I just hire a local videographer?
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If you are shooting a small single-camera event, a local videographer may be the best option for you. 

Lasser Media clients who have previously hired “the local videographer” have shared that those projects failed to communicate their message or the video was too boring to watch to completion. 

Lasser Media takes pride not only in our final products, but also in our emphasis on considering client’s needs throughout the entire production process.

What cities do you serve?

We are proudly based in Baltimore, Maryland and serve the Greater Washington Region. Not local? Don't worry - we love to travel!

Am I a good fit for Lasser Media?

We work well with non-profits, socially-driven businesses, agencies and individuals committed to public service. You are a good fit if you are looking to create a 1-5 minute promotional video, a public service announcement, a TV spot, an awards/banquet video, a livestream event, or a documentary.

What if I’m not good on camera? 

If you get nervous on camera, we could make a great fit. We specialize in helping even first-timers feel safe stepping in front of the lens.

Can we keep costs low and still get a great video?

Absolutely. One common way that our past clients have lowered their expenses is by gathering all people necessary to film together on one day of production, rather than spacing filming out over many days and locations. There are plenty of options we can explore for different budgets.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We have never once had an unhappy client, much less a request for their money back. However, we are confident in our service and product that if for some reason you are unhappy, please connect with Ricky so we can address your concern.

What is the turnaround time on a video?

Typically 3-5 Weeks. But we can accommodate faster turnarounds!

Do I get revisions?

We offer two rounds of revisions to ensure your project is polished to perfection.

How much time will my team need to invest in the project?

We do most of the heavy lifting. You should plan around one to two hours to discuss your vision and plan with us throughout the pre-production process.

During planning, we typically ask for your help coordinating that all of our interviewees can meet during the allotted production window. You are, of course, welcome to be on site for production to see all of the magic come together! Then, the hard work is on us as we take all of the many hours of footage and transform it into a well-told story that you can review with your team. As our projects range in creating a one 30-second social video to delivering 50+ client testimonials, the time required for revisions can vary.

During the revision process, you should anticipate to allot enough time to watch the video(s) once or twice, discuss with your team and provide feedback that you’d like to see implemented into the final video. Then sit back and relax as we deliver your completed story as it is ready to be shared with the world!

How do I get started?

We encourage you to first review our work to get a feel of what we do. If you want to move forward with Lasser Media, please contact Ricky for a free 30-minute phone call so he can answer all of your questions. Or you can send us a message by clicking the Contact button.

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